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Watch Daniel Ricciardo Drive Dale Earnhardt Sr's Classic NASCAR Racer Round COTA

It's a dream come true meant as the ultimate reward for winning at Monza

4w ago

After winning the high-octane F1 round at Monza, Italy, Daniel Ricciardo is handsomely rewarded by McLaren team boss Zak Brown with a special opportunity: drive a car raced by Danny's hero, the 7-time NASCAR Champion Dale Earnhardt Senior.

It started back in Bahrain.

In a bet that doubled as a sort of signing bonus for Daniel as he switched from Renault to McLaren, Brown told Ricciardo that if he were to score a podium, he gets to drive the Wrangler-liveried 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo at an F1 track later on. It took some doing but eventually, Danny-Ric surpassed the wager by winning at Monza, thus sealing the deal for the US Grand Prix.

Daniel, for his part, is basking in the opportunity. Here's him drawing out a real Southern twang during an interview:

His helmet also pays tribute to the Intimidator.

And now, for the moment you clicked this headline for.

I'll update the post with an official source if it ever comes up.

Better still is that it's not like Daniel's a stranger to NASCAR's kind of machinery and racing. Here's him with Dale Junior and Chase Elliot, NASCAR royalty in their own right, taking Daniel to his first NASCAR race three years ago.

So yeah, can't ask for a better reward, really.

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Comments (7)

  • as somebody who is a fan of both... lets just say i hope he gets a ride in the Xfinty series for at least one race

      1 month ago
  • Damn cool, the smile is as infectious as the virus in the best way

      1 month ago
  • Yaaaaassss

      1 month ago
  • How good does the NASCAR sound!!! Absolute showing up to F1

      1 month ago
  • regretfully, even though I was the race the entire weekend, I somehow missed seeing this :(

      1 month ago