Watch Daniel Ricciardo &Max Verstapen drift Aston Martin around the Austin Track

50w ago


Daniel Ricardo and Max Verstappen got some extra sighting laps at the drenched Circuit of Americas in Austin this weekend, teams sponsor Aston Martin who handed them the keys to a brand new DB11 Volante and sent for a few laps.

With Ricardo behind the wheel and Verstappen as the passenger, it did not take long for some shenanigans to kick-off, as Max tried to talk about apex etc Daniel swerved off the racing line a little and went on to drift through all the corners on the wet track.

For some crazy reason the DB11 was covered in livery reasembling the American flag, I think the only logical next step is to have Lewis Hamilton drive a Union Jack clad Mustang around Silverstone next year.

Ricardo did an amazing job of controlling the 510 horsepower Volante around the wet track putting on a stellar job, this is likely one of the last stunts in which we see the duo of Verstappen and Ricardo, as the latter is due to move from Red Bull over to Renault next season.

It's a duo we will certainly miss.

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