Watch: Dodge Challenger Hellcat rebuilt from ashes

Once an ablaze vehicle has melted to a metallic crisp, it is considered nothing more than scrap for the junkyard. It's an ultra-rare occurrence to see any vehicle resurrected from its ashes due to the time, effort and finances involved. However, one channel by the name of D.I.Y Gang restored a 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that was caught in a barn fire and had its frame accidentally damaged by firefighters' excavator during the incident. Nothing except a glasses case, pair of hanging dice and (ironically) a fire extinguisher survived.

The video below is over 14 minutes long so please be wary if using data.

How much did the restoration cost?

In one video it was stated that the project cost the team a total of $35,492 USD. On Autotrader you can pick up most 2016 Hellcats from $45-50,000, meaning that this restoration project was actually less costly than buying the equivalent used vehicle. Then again, this quote does not take into account the nine months of labour that were required and I suspect maintenance will be an interesting story. This ambitious project also caught the eyes of König Wheels, whom generously donated a set of rims. Needless to say, it took an incredible amount of skill and patience to resurrect this American beast.

After the fire, before restoration.

Is this the most ambitious restoration of all time?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

You can view D.I.Y Gang's YouTube Channel below, where they specialise in various vehicle restorations ranging from a Chevrolet C10 pickup to a McLaren 570S.

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Comments (12)
  • Absolutely incredible, I love that it’s a family project.

    2 days ago
    6 Bumps
  • Cool, but why?

    If it was a car you have an emotional attachment to or a rare one, yes, but a 2-3 year old dodge that wasn't even yours?

    Yeah, it's a cool project, no objection, but fire thins and warps metal, that charger will be less safe than a brilliance bs6 in case of a crash.

    16 hours ago
    4 Bumps
    • I thought the same. This would make sense if it was old or really expensive... Or just otherwise had monetary value. It's a 3 year old muscle car. There's literally tons of these...

      Read more
      7 hours ago
      2 Bumps


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