Watch: Dodge Demon with huge 24-inch wheels tries to drag race

Will it work?

8w ago

The Dodge Demon is known around the world for its epic drag racing capabilities, but what happens if you fit massive 24-inch wheels to it? This is exactly what the Demonology YouTube channel has done and here is the result.

With its normal-sized wheels, the Demon can achieve a quarter-mile drag time of 9.65 seconds and can reach 60mph in just 2.3 seconds – all things larger wheels won't help with.

This set of 24-inch monsters are Corleone Forged wheels and makes the car look like it's trying to be a cart. The only thing in its favour now is its whopping great supercharger and over 800hp because it sure as hell doesn't have the same traction as before.

Let's see how it does:

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