Watch: Driver jumps across a drawbridge as it's rising

Daytona Beach Police think they have found the person responsible.

3w ago

A driver in Daytona Beach has been seen smashing through a barrier before jumping over a drawbridge. The police are currently on a search to track down the person responsible, but think they may have already found them.

The accident occured on Monday morning and was caught by a traffic camera which clearly shows the driver speeding through the drawbridge crossing, breaking through the barrier, and then driving over the bridge as it begins to rise.

Police believe they have identified the driver and said they will likely face charges.

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Comments (9)

  • Should not be to hard to find, it’s the car with the broken windscreen 🤣

      21 days ago
  • The next f&f

      21 days ago
  • This person is better at landing than the Dukes at least. Ever wondered why the Charger always landed offscreen?

      21 days ago
    • Always loved watching the Charger landing, the chassis splitting in 2 then the next screen it’s all good again lol.

      Apparently they had the driver suspended in elastic so he never broke his spine 🤣

        20 days ago
  • He’s Dream but with a car

      20 days ago
  • Wanted to channel his inner Elwood after watching the Blues Brothers. We all have THAT moment. Personally I want to drive through a mall.

      21 days ago