Watch Elon Musk receive his first supercar back in 1999

Musk bought himself a McLaren F1

5w ago

Elon Musk made headlines - again - in recent weeks after becoming the world's richest person and as I was doing some research on some of his business ventures, I happened upon a YouTube video, uploaded by CNN, with a much younger (and let's be honest, visibly balder) Elon Musk showing how happy he was about the "million-dollar-car" he'd bought.

The car in question was a McLaren F1, the price tag was actually $815,000, and in the video we hear Musk say "there are only 62 [McLarens in the world], and I will own one of them". McLaren actually built a total of 106 units, and 64 of these were road legal while the other 42 were prototypes, race cars, long tail versions and tuned versions.

As you'd expect, the internet did what the internet does best and some of the comments are hilarious. Zafir says, "mad respect, his hairline restored itself " while another user said, "This kid looks smart, he has a bright future".

All jokes aside. Years later, Musk would go on to admit he'd wrecked the car shortly after taking delivery of it, and that the McLaren was actually uninsured.

His taste and more to the point his driving habits have probably changed a lot over time. He's always maintained that he created Tesla to accelerate "the transition towards electric mobility" and having launched his own Tesla Roadster S into space (literally) a few years ago, he recently said he's planning to sell "almost all physical possessions".

What are your thoughts on the old Roadster S? Feel free 2 share in the comments

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Comments (19)

  • All electric cars are garbage

      1 month ago
  • I'm looking forward to the Roadster 2's release. It's a magnificent looking car!

      1 month ago
  • Did this article 11 days ago.

      1 month ago
  • He has definitely had hair plugs

      26 days ago
  • In the German Top Gear equivalent named "Grip", one of the presenters, Matthias Malmedie, and a guy who looked like Doc Brown from the "Back To The Future" movies drove a Tesla Roadster in an episode. That was a few years ago, when the car first came out. Anyways, they delivered vegetables to schools and Doc Brown told mr. Malmedie that everyone in the 60's was on LSD and explained the side effects. So when I hear "Tesla Roadster", I think of Doc Brown telling me about drugs, so I don't like the Roadster. And to be honest, I don't like any Teslas really. I prefer Polestars. No crazy scientist mentioned drugs in one of those bad boys!

      1 month ago