Watch: Ferrari 488 Pista beat McLaren P1 and GT2 RS around a track

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Evo are known for producing some of the best lap times and car content in the country. This video proves just how thorough they are with testing these supercars. This video shows a Ferrari 488 Pista being thrashed around a track by none other than Steve Sutcliffe himself.

In this test you can see just how brutal the car is around the corners and straights of Anglesey's coastal circuit. It is so rapid in fact that it posted a lap time worthy of a rocket ship. The Pista managed to complete a lap in just 1:10.8 which is just 2 seconds behind a McLaren P1 GTR, a proper race car.

To put this into perspective with other cars in its class, the McLaren 720s did it in 1:11.5 and the Porsche GT2 RS did it in 1:12.0. I find it remarkable that the Pista can complete a lap on this track almost a whole second quicker than a 720s, which is a ruddy quick piece of machinery. This makes me really excited for the upcoming Ferrari SF90 Stradale. That thing is going to be proper quick.

Were you surprised by this result?

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  • Why do we need the F8 Tributo then?

    9 days ago
    5 Bumps
  • I'd rather take the 720s thou... Or even the Gt2Rs.... Before the Pista

    8 days ago
    2 Bumps


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