Watch: Ferrari F40 Vmax on Japanese Highway

80's Japan was pretty wild.

2y ago

With a top speed of 199 miles per hour the Ferrari F40 was one the fastest cars in the world. Although the F40 couldn't beat the Porsche 959 S's top speed of 211 mph or the RUF CTR Yellow Bird's 213 mph, the F40 was an amazing machine.

For some strange reason the F40 was never able to crack the 199mph claimed top speed outside of Europe. In testing by Road and Track they could only top out at 196 with the US spec car.

Outside of official testing there's the below video of some guys ripping down a highway in Japan:

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  • I remember watching this on one of the police camera action videos when I was a child. It was the end feature and I am sure they played one of Pink Floyd's songs over the top of it.

      2 years ago