Watch Hammond and May try to build Lego cars while downing shots

4y ago
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Yes, you have read all that correctly

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Comments (150)

  • I Want more of this.... :D Bring Clarkson with you next time. :P

      4 years ago
  • This is why the internet was invented

      4 years ago
  • do this the next time with all 3 of them

      4 years ago
  • I think it would have been great to watch Clarkson do this

      4 years ago
  • Any chance of another "show" like this one? even with Jeremy (bwahaha).

      3 years ago
    • This would be brill all 3 , remake of the train Vs car Vs public transport ..... Lego style one makes a car one makes a plain one makes a double decker .. all piss

        3 years ago