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Watch: Here's what an exclusive supercar party at Ascot looks like

Spoiler alert: It's awesome

33w ago

Champagne, playboy girls and supercars are all considered a pivotal pillar in what determines the exclusivity of a party - and this one had the lot. So when I, a student and trainee journalist, got asked (out of the blue!) to cover the event, you can only begin to imagine the sense of jubilation I felt. Here's the compilation:

And here's a bit of background information about the inexcusably cool company:

The Run offers luxury rallies and events based around both supercars and drivers looking for the ultimate road trip. From the Black Mountain and Snake Passes in the UK, to the famous Stelvio Pass, or from Snowdonia to Italy, Monaco and Marbella, they offer road trips to exhibitions like the Geneva International Motor Show.

In addition to this, they do track days and factory tours, staying in some of the most luxury hotels and private residences that Europe and America has to offer, whilst indulging in VIP beach, pool and yacht parties along the way. They aim to offer you a road trip that you’ll remember forever - and they're only just getting started.

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