Watch: How much power is too much in a rental kart?

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Let me know what you think. Have you raced or driven a kart or do you plan to do so? Please visit my profile to find out more about my video motorsport/karting project. All comments, criticism, likes, subscribers, followers, bumps and many more nice things are much appreciated!

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  • I’ve driven some pretty crazy rental karts in Thailand and China. And the safety briefings were hilarious too. One in Thailand consisted of “this one stop...this one go....bye” ...and off I go in something packing over 30hp.

      13 days ago
    • Crazy as in dangerous or as in crazy fast? I've driven both types unfortunately haha

        13 days ago
    • I drove in Thailand was a beast and was way more powerful than 28hp Rotax karts I’ve driven. It felt like about 40. And the rubber was sketchy. I had an amazing backwards off into a pond at about 80kph.

      All the rental karts here in...

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        10 days ago
  • That famous tv presenter is friends with Greta thunberg 😂

      13 days ago