Watch: Hummer H2 Limo gets stuck while off-roading in Russia

What was the worst that could possibly happen...

13w ago

Have you ever wondered what it would be like driving a really long Hummer H2 limo off-road? Of course you haven't because that would be insane.

However, this hasn't stopped a group of YouTubers from Russia from trying it. The video you're about to watch will make you think you're playing MudRunner or SnowRunner, but in actual fact, you will be watching real life.

This kitted-out Hummer limo wouldn't look out of place at a wedding, in fact, we think that's what it was doing that day because, at the end of the video, there are people stood around in formal attire.

Whether it is in charge of transporting guests or not that day, we don't think it'll be going anywhere after what it faced during its off-road course. Something this long should not be driving on terrain like that, yet it certainly put up a fight.

Hanging on its frame can't have been much fun for the car either...

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