Watch: James Deane rip his rx7 drift car to bits!

19w ago

So if you have been following James for any amount of time you will know he also has a Mazda rx7 amoungst his collection of drift cars, he has had this car for quiet awhile now, I remember this car from 10 or more years ago when it was purple. He is using the rx7 to compete in this years Irish Drift Series. At the first round of I.D.S a few weeks ago the rx7 sustained some cosmetic damage, James been the perfectionist that he is, has decided that it was time the rx7 got a make over. Have watch of his video below to see what he has planned for the car and he shares some other exclusive news in the video!

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  • great car!

    off topic but, why does his name sound similar to James Dean the actor?

      4 months ago