Watch James May have the flight of his life in a Red Bull Air-Race plane

His stomach is more hardcore than you'd think…

2y ago

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James May really, really loves a plane – but he's never been in anything quite as trouser-troubling as a Red Bull Air-Race plane that pulls so much G you can easily black-out. So with that in mind, we sent him on the ride of his life… with pretty impressive results. You're gonna want to watch this…

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Comments (30)

  • This man has the most wonderful life experiences. Envious, but glad he's letting us come along vicariously, at least.

      2 years ago
  • James " Biggles " May,having a ball up there in the sky,well done. :-)

      2 years ago
  • I think I would have passed out by the time the plane had taken off... ARGGH!

      2 years ago
    • I thought maybe you were the one flying the plane...

        2 years ago
    • Oh god no, I'm scared of flying and heights... I only do it as I like to see new places.

        2 years ago
  • I think the U2 & the Typhoons he’s flown in might have registered on the trouser troubling scale too. Probably. Homesick angel etc.

      2 years ago
    • There is always a spare helium filled inflatable sofa and a cup of breatharian tea available on Cloud 9.

        2 years ago
  • Not saying I wanted to see James black out, but it would have been entertaining seeing him do what fighter pilots call ‘the funky chicken’ 😅

      2 years ago