Watch Jay Leno drive the only naked carbon fiber Bugatti EB110 in the world

This is an incredible car

A couple of weeks ago I flew to Los Angeles and in the first hour of the first day of the show I stumbled upon a carbon fiber Bugatti EB110SS.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with the owner of the car and he told me that this is the only one in existence. I was actually going to write about it in the next few days, and I will, but then I found out that Jay Leno has actually driven one and, of course, I decided to prioritize Leno. So let's talk about it.

This car comes with its own unique story. In the early 1990s, Bugatti went bankrupt and a company called Dauer Sportwagen, based in Germany, bought parts and components from Bugatti and, crucially, five unfinished Bugatti EB110SS chassis.

While the original car was made from aluminum with carbon fiber bits here and there, Dauer built the car using carbon fiber only and this 1994 110SS is the only one that hasn't been painted over. This is rarer than rare because there's only one in the world. It was also a big deal at the time because of concerns regarding UV degradation of this material.

Everything about this car is unique. It has two separate fuel tanks but unlike in other cars, these two tanks aren't actually connected so they have to be filled separately. It is powered by the same 3.5 L quad-turbo V12 as any other EB110SS but Dauer added Le Mans sport exhaust, larger turbos and intercooler and it now makes well over 700 hp, coupled with a 4WD system and, thanks weight-saving measures, you're looking at a car that's at least 440 lbs lighter than the "standard" EB110SS, well under 3000 lbs.

The wing is adjustable, the ABS can be deactivated by using a small button on the ceiling, the interior is in pristine condition with tan quilted leather upholstery. I could go on, and in fact I shall. The top speed was estimated at 230 mph and 0-60 takes 3.3 seconds. This is the early 1990s, remember.

This is one of the craziest, most astounding cars in the world. It is currently owned by AlphaLuxe, a media company based in California, and it was recently showcased at the Quail, during the Monterey Car Week last Summer. If you're having a bad day, watch the video, you're gonna feel better.

And if you fancy your very own Bugatti but can't quite stretch to a real one, this Lego Technic model should at least keep you busy over the coming Christmas period. Just click here to treat yourself to one.

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