Watch Ken Block drift around Spitfires and Minis to celebrate Forza Horizon 4

16w ago


The reviews are out for the much anticipated next generation of open-world racing game from the Forza franchise and you'll be happy to hear that everyone seems to love it.

Our very own Tim Rodie has said Forza Horizon 4 is "the best arcade racer of our time" – and coming from a gaming nerd like him, that's one hell of an accolade.

It is now on sale to all gamers worldwide so to celebrate, the guys at Playground Games have enlisted Ken Block to bring a bit of a 'USA vs UK' vibe to our shores.

Considering Horizon 4 is set in the British Isles and the game also features the 1400hp 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2, it made sense to set Block loose at the now famous Goodwood Estate.

Slaloming through British classic cars and donutting around a priceless Spitfire, this montage is the perfect mixture of British heritage and American madness.

Have you ordered the game? Do you like what you've seen from the game so far? Comment with your thoughts below!

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  • He avoided drifting around any war memorials this time. Well done!

    3 months ago
    2 Bumps
  • So sick!!

    3 months ago


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