Watch: McLaren 720S takes on modified Dodge Demon in a drag race

The question is, who will win?

31w ago


When it hit the market, the McLaren 720S was praised for its ability to gain speed in the blink of an eye. In fact, with over 710hp and an amazingly responsive gearbox, the British supercar is lightning fast. However, it is designed to take corners as fast as possible which often requires trade off in the straight-line sprint department. So, how will one do against a modified Dodge Demon which is essentially a road legal dragster?

Thankfully, we don’t need to wait for an answer to that question. YouTube channel DragTimes recently brought together a Dodge Demon with some added power and a McLaren 720S which has also had some work done to a drag strip.

While both cars have received exhaust modification and ECU remaps, the Dodge has also been given a slight tweak to the supercharger giving it even more power than the standard 808hp.


Although the Dodge gets an early lead, the McLaren soon picks up speed and overtakes the loud saloon. In fact, the Demon gets such a good getaway that the front wheels lift off the ground as if it were a Fast and Furious movie. From onboard the McLaren, it seems the car goes so fast that the GoPro attached to the window falls back ending the run with a view of the sky. If that’s not proof of a car’s speed, I don’t know what is.

With the 720S’s big brother, the 765LT recently being unveiled at the non-Geneva Motor Show, it would be interesting to see how the tuned supercar does against its stock LT sibling.

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