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Watch: Mercedes' AMG One sounds even better than their W12 racer

Fewer cylinders doesn't always mean fewer decibels, and here's the proof!

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When Mercedes unveiled their plan to lower an F1 engine into a road car, people scoffed at the sheer insanity of the thought. Formula 1 drivetrain's are sensitive, very sensitive. That is, despite being able to sit happily at a redline of 12,000rpm. Perhaps the most crucial reason as to why F1 engine's operate at such supersonic speeds is the fact that they can breathe so easily: their capacity for discharging large amounts of fumes after combustion means that they can continue to tick seamlessly.

It's all very clever stuff, and seems perfectly feasible if you're belting around Spa Francorchamps, or Autodrome di Monza: but what about your local High Street? That poor old neighbour of yours might just be pushed over the line if they're awoken by what they think is the devil at 7am every morning. And yes, they will think it's the devil, because this is what it sounds like:

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Seriously, WHAT a racket! As it climbs through the rev range it does start to sound eerily alike to the Koenigsegg Agera R. It's not so much the stereotypical AMG jackhammer of a sound, it doesn't sound aggressive or even ostensibly wild. The AMG One's vocals are quite the opposite, really. It's more RnB than heavy metal: and that's not a characteristic that you'd pin to a vehicle from Mercedes' skunkworks division, let alone the craziest one ever.

The AMG One is supposedly drawing inspiration from its forefather, the CLK GTR. And whilst its predecessor might mock the puny size of its pride and joy, Lewis Hamilton's championship-winning 1.6-litre V6 hybrid engine, the noise would send the CLK GTR creeping back into its cave with its tail between its legs. It's also said to produce twice the 600bhp that the CLK GTR has, and you'll be safe to bet that it'll scale speeds well north of the old racer's 205mph, too.

What do you think about the Mercedes-AMG One? Leave your thoughts down below!

The Mercedes CLK GTR. Image credit: Flickr.

The Mercedes CLK GTR. Image credit: Flickr.

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Comments (4)

  • Cant wait to drive it forza horizon 5!

      3 months ago
  • it's objectively good but lacks bass so it sounds like a honda k series. The V12 Valkyrie will be much more dramatic and big chested when it finally launches.

      3 months ago
    • The ONE is still in testing stages, so I'm sure this isn't even the finalised engine note yet. Either way, I agree that the Valkyrie will sound better. It already sounds like a Lexus LFA playing a flute.

        3 months ago
    • but LFA is the high watermark for me. The wail of that V10 is spine tingling.

        3 months ago