Watch: Mercedes Benz recreates the world's first road trip

Back in 2019 Mercedes Benz made an epic video portraying the world's first road trip

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It was a gloomy afternoon in Weisslock, a small village in Baden, Germany. A group of women were working in a wheat field and their children were playing near them. Suddenly a woman in a black gown was seen in a carriage with her two children that wasn't drawn by horses. It was moving all by itself.

Many people thought of the lady to be a witch and then the carriage came to a halt. The women got down and asked 10 litres of Ligraine - a petroleum product that was then used to remove stains. The woman poured the Ligraine into the carriage's vessel and... it started moving.

This women was Bertha Benz, wife of Karl Benz. She had ventured in her carriage with her two sons Richard and Owen to show that her husband's innovation was the future of mobility.

This incident took place on August 5, 1888 - a day which has a special place in automobile history. It is a day when the world's first road trip was completed. Back in 2019 Mercedes recreated this incidence and the video should be seen by every car enthusiast.

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