Watch: Meshuggah performing live in Sweden in 1996!

40w ago

It's not often that the YouTube algorithm recommends you something awesome. This time though the other day, it definitely did! This is a video of Meshuggah performing live at Englarockfestivalen in Angelhom, Sweden on August 10th 1996. It's a real piece of heavy metal history; not only is it amazing seeing the band when they're still pretty young (Jens Kidman even still has hair!), but it's also amazing seeing the crowd who mostly have no idea what they're watching. You'll also definitely recognise a couple of the songs in this set too, as "Future Breed Machine", "Soul Burn" and "Gods of Rapture" are considered as classics in the band's back catalogue. Considering how influential and revered Meshuggah have become in more recent years, anyone who was there at the time is definitely very lucky to have witnessed the band at such an early point in their career!

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