Watch: Michael Schumacher interviews a young Mattia Binotto

7w ago

Love him or loathe him, it looks like Mattia Binotto is here to stay in his role as Team Principal of Ferrari. He's been a Ferrari man for a very long time, working his way up the ranks. Back in Ferrari's era of total dominance he was the engine engineer and it's in this role where he takes part in a spur of the moment interview with the great Michael Schumacher! As you can clearly tell, the young Binotto seems pretty awkward and unused to being on camera or having a live microphone in front of him, but he seems to have a good relationship with the Formula 1 legend like many people at Ferrari at the time did. If nothing else, it's pretty interesting to see Binotto near the start of his career at the Ferrari F1 team and compare it to where he is now!

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  • This was back before Binotto has access to the s[B]inattus

      1 month ago