Watch onboard as the Koenigsegg Agera RS hits 284.55mph without breaking a sweat

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Koenigsegg has released new unseen onboard footage of last month’s speed run that snared the carmaker no less than five records. The first thing you’ll notice about this footage is the noise, which is a great bellowing noise of greatness.

The second thing you cannot miss is the complete and utter lack of drama in the clip, as in there is none whatsoever. As driver Niklas Lilja reaches a maximum velocity of 284.55mph (457.94km/h) on the slightly bumpy stretch of Nevada highway, it seems almost like he’s out for a (very) swift but relaxing Sunday drive.

Koenigsegg closed the 11-mile stretch of Nevada route 160 for two days, but only needed a few hours to complete three runs: one sighting run followed by a pair of hyperspeed runs in both directions to claim the records.

The speed record was shattered with speed runs of 271.19mph and 284.55mph giving an average of 277.87mph overall. Judging by this footage though, the driver was barely breaking a sweat.

Is this the most relaxed high speed run ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • People who are really good at something make it look easy. He may have looked relaxed but I'm sure there were intense levels of concentration going on.

    11 months ago
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  • Drivetribe needs to start using Metric units in all their articles and content. Please use PS, kW, Nm, and km/h!

    11 months ago
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    • How about you just get over that fact, figure it out on your own, like we would have to do, and enjoy the articles and videos...and if you need help, try...

      Read more
      11 months ago
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    • USA uses mph and bhp, also still use cubic inch for engine size quite a lot

      11 months ago


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