Watch over 1000Hp of Silent Relentless speed

With 260Hp batteries on each wheel for a total of over 1000Hp and some advanced torque vectoring to ensure torque is placed on all the right place, this machine used by Acura to conquer Pikes Peak is quite the divisive machine.

Using the chassis of Acura´s ALMS contender underneath an NSX inspired shell, aerodynamics to rival any World Time Attack Challenge machine and Japanese ace Tetsuya Yamano at the wheel, speed and efficiency would never be lacking, but in a race where altitude plays such an important role, it is another aspect of this Monster that catches the public attention. It´s lack of noise..

There´s no internal combustion to be found here as its a fully electric Race car with 4 batteries (one on each wheel) for a total of over 1000Hp and some supreme traction capable of catapulting it from 0-100Km/h in less than 1.5 seconds and on Pikes Peak twisty hill climb it achieved a 9.06 chrono (good enough for a 3rd pace overall on 2016).

Few things then can keep up with this machine apart from the warning siren and public reluctant to accept such a different machine...Check it out...

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