WATCH: Perana V8 Ford Capri

Everybody loves a muscle car... and what better muscle car than a Ford Capri Parana V8! Phil Limbert and Brian Ford had their lovely example out to compete at the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series in February 2019. Check it out.

The first round of this Summer's series is on it's way. If you'd like to come and take in the action, just head to Sydney Dragway at 6pm on October 17 for a great night spectating.

Do you love cool cars? Do you love Rallying? Then you'll love the Whiteline Tarmac Rally Sprint Series! Head out to Western Sydney Dragway to have a look. The 2019/2020 Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series is held at Sydney International Dragway, Eastern Creek.

You don't need to be an experienced rally driver to compete at the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint. In fact you only need to be at least 14 years old to compete . So if you want to drive your standard, modified, race or rally car fast on a road circuit in a safe and controlled environment, then you should come to the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series held in Sydney on a weeknight each month during summer.

Head over to NSSCC's web site for more info.

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