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Watch: Remember this man who did 1.3 million miles in his Lincoln Town Car?

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Some of you may know many a tale of a car that's done a million miles or close to a million miles. Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus has become something of legend in the automotive world, as have the many VW Beetles and classic Volvos that have gone round the clock once or twice in their lifetimes. Another one of those legendarily indestructible vehicles is the good old Lincoln Town Car. Whilst they are known for racking up huge mileages with absolutely no issues, this Town Car managed to get to a much higher mileage than most of them. The very careful old man who owned this 1983 example managed to get it to 1.3 million miles! How did he manage this? By just being very careful with maintenance and taking regular trips from coast to coast across the United States of America.


This man, who I'm sorry to report passed away in 2013 (according to a comment left behind on this particular video), clearly really loved his big American land yacht. He owned it since it was new, driving it off the lot with only 53 miles on the clock, and lovingly maintained it until well after the million mile mark was passed. His dedication to his big, comfy cruiser is a wonderful thing to see from this video and it's a great inspiration to all of us car lovers out there. Whilst this video is quite old by now, a part of me hopes that this million mile Town Car is still running out there somewhere.

If you want a Lincoln Town Car but you can't manage to get hold of a real one yourself or you're an enthusiast and want something a little extra that's Town Car related, this model one is fantastic! Modelled after the second generation body style of the Town Car, it'll look great on your shelf either at home or in your office.

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Comments (12)

  • Big simple unstressed v8 that's why.

      7 days ago
  • I love the town cat.

    There's not many, here in the UK, but since James May had one, in the US road trip and, I've fallen for them....

      8 days ago
    • Chris, if it’s the same episode that I saw it was actually a Cadillac of the same era. They were well built cars.

        8 days ago