Watch: Restoring classic cars can be cheaper than buying a new hatchback

Owning a classic car is more affordable than you think

6w ago

Youtube has made buying new cars so easy. Tons of reviews with multiple perspectives are prepared by creators all over the globe on a single product. But when it comes to buying classic cars, do we really have a guidebook?

Hence, presenting Vintage Garage - a video series conjured up to address vintage and classic car concerns and inquiries. In each episode, I speak with a different owner with a different classic or vintage model about a different concern related to older car acquisitions.

The first episode sees me interview a respected figure in the classic car scene in India, Mr Prithvi Nath Tagore. He’s an advisor with the FHVI, part of the FIVA, a co-founder of the ClassiC Drivers Club in Kolkata, India and a classic car owner himself. With his deep knowledge bank, I wanted to shed some light on the expenses of owning and restoring a classic car in India.

The findings took me by surprise as well. Being able to buy and restore a classic car at the same price as a premium hatchback is what caught me off-guard. Made me realise that one doesn’t necessarily have to reside in a palace or have the backing of family wealth to own one of these beauties.

Tune in to the very first episode of Vintage Garage to get acquainted with the additional aspects one has to consider before making the purchase, along with some much-needed advice for the younger audience on more reliable ways to acquire a classic car for themselves.

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