Watch: Richard Hammond on electric cars vs V8s

3w ago


Hammond is known for his love of American muscle, meaning big, shouty V8s. But in this little chat, he lays down his opinion on electric cars and how they will shape the future of our passion for cars, versus the gas-guzzling V8s that we all love. We think some of you may be surprised by what he has to say.

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  • Electric cars yes but hydrogen powered not batteries!

    22 days ago
    30 Bumps
  • I disagree with the Hamster on this…

    Nobody ever spends oodles of cash on exhaust mods to make them _QUIETER_!!!

    We love the noise of V8s, V12s (especially Normally Aspirated ones)! Since childhood it has announced that _something awesome this way cometh_.

    I also think that, similar to the _everyone must buy diesel ⛽️ to save the planet_ fraud of the past ten years; once the making of those electric batteries scales up; the ensuing environmental issues will surface, too!

    The metals involved ain’t called _Rare Earths_ for nothing…

    22 days ago
    21 Bumps
    • Rare Earth metals are not rare.

      And anyway, they are not used to make the batteries. That is Lithium and Cobalt.

      Now Cobalt is a bit rare. Much rarer than the Cerium, which is more...

      Read more
      22 days ago
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    • Your steak analogy is rediculus

      22 days ago
      11 Bumps


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