Watch: Richard Hammond takes his dog for a walk in the new Defender

Introducing Blea the dog

29w ago

It seems like an age ago that over 5 million of you watched Richard Hammond reveal the new Land Rover Defender. But now he has the keys to one, and of course the first thing he has decided to do with it is take the dog for a walk.

Watch the behind the scenes:

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Comments (34)

  • Can we just appreciate how much effort goes into these videos. ❤️

      6 months ago
  • Yep, I've always thought discovery. I've always like the discovery from 1 to 4 but i hate the 5. This should have been the Discovery 5. I disagree with not being able to put stuff in the back and farmers always using pick ups. Well they do now becouse land rover stopped making pick ups, and to be fair towards the end of production they started getting a little expensive. I can't see a pick up option on this new Discover-err-Defender anyhow and i'm not sure if they have one planned. I own a swb Land Rover pick up and if you went to the farmers market in the 2000's it would have been full of tdi and td5 land rovers in pick up, hard top or the pick up with an ifor-williams back on it. I've had both pick up and hard tops in my time and i've had all sorts in the back bouncing down the road with the rear door held shut with some baling string. Couldn't quite get something in the back so i couldn't close the door all the way. Although i didn't have sheep we had goats and chickens, Both off which have been transported in the back. Intresting fact by the way. The back of a short wheel base land rover is the same lengh of a bale of hay so they are just right for farmers.

      6 months ago
    • As soon as the new Defender was finally revealed, I thought 'Discovery 3 with a facelift'.

      I've just bought this...

        6 months ago
    • Nice one. I'd deffinatly stick with that shape Defender. Another thing that struck me was when he said its not ment for farmers? Well isn't that what tyhe defender was made for? They've taken a working vehicle and turned it into a...

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        6 months ago
  • Such good work Lucy! Really appreciate that you did behind the scenes filming even with having such a tight schedule. Keep up the great art! It's also really nice to see Hammond doing a car review. Those are my favourite kind of films, right after films with a dog in them. 😄

      6 months ago
  • "Blea the dog" was the best point of the video 🤣

      6 months ago
  • What good is a dog walking vehicle if it can’t handle a dog’s muddy paws? Hammond needs to be reported to the RSPCA for abandoning his dog. 🙃

      6 months ago