Watch: Rivian's R1T pickup can take a serious battering

This is going to be a beast!

2w ago

Like all new off-road vehicles, pre-production testing is the most important stage it goes through as it determines how good the car is at tackling landscape in the real world.

In order to demonstrate the electric truck's off-road capability, Rivian's chief executive RJ Scaringe has shared videos on Twitter showing the R1T being torture tested in environments with tough terrain to see just how well it copes.

The first video shows the Rivian R1T tackling a rocky downhill trail in the Arizona desert. This route is full of bumps and deep ruts, but this is no stress for the R1T thanks to its independent air suspension and all-wheel drive.

The second video is when it gets serious as we see the Rivian pickup scramble up rocky and sandy hill in about ten seconds. This sort of speed and grip is normally quite tricky for both the vehicle and driver, but not the Rivian as it doesn't break a sweat.

As you can see from both videos above, the R1T can do all this without having massively knobbly and chunky tyres which is seriously impressive. But what it does have is power as powering the Rivian R1T are four electric motors which together produce 754 hp and 826 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to accelerate from 0-62 mph in just three seconds.

Customers should start to see Rivian R1T's at the start of June.

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Comments (32)

  • If it's built better than a Tesla (i.e doesnt blow up) then I may add a 3rd car to my EVs I like list.

      14 days ago
    • Remember the faults on a Tesla aren't their fault as it's the customer's fault. They build their cars perfectly.

        13 days ago
    • Not necessarily. Several Teslas are in the showroom with huge panel gaps etc. Probably because they're being mass produced so fast they aren't really being quality checked.

        13 days ago
  • This is the company I have been routing for for some time. They have a good business model and better vehicle. This will be a home run.

      14 days ago
  • I really like Rivian. I hope they make something cheaper and smaller that's available in the UK

      14 days ago
  • This almost doesn’t seem necessary, as they slapped two together (very quickly and relatively poorly because of that), and they survived just fine crossing all of south and Central America

      14 days ago
    • You drive an electric vehicle through central and South America. Come back to us.

        14 days ago
    • Have you seen Long Way Up? Two Rivians and two electric Harley-Davidson’s, drove from the very tip of Argentina to Los Angeles

        13 days ago
  • Ya. I love that they’re marketing to urban outdoors people. It’s a nice change from Karen’s in Tesla’s.

      14 days ago