- The second day of the XWC saw some amazing action, including a big rollover.

WATCH: Rolling Winch Truck wipes out course

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The second day of the XWC saw some amazing action, including a big rollover.


Rod and Russell Rathbone struck problems on the first winch wall, falling into a hole. Russell quickly set up a double winch pull to get them free.

Mick Summerall and John Adamson in the 80 Series Toyota Landcruiser were off to a fast start, but then put the gig rig on its side. The recovery was more spectacular than the lay-over.

Paul Semmens and Nathan Mills were finding the tight course challenging, but as usual, the pair were siting close to the top of the leader-board by the end of the day

Matt Holgate and Isaac James made it up the tight steep hill in Stage 5 with ease, but the descent off the top was causing some issues and they needed to back and fill a number of times to get the approach right.

The father and son team of Peter and Jayden Jilg were starting to show some consistency after two non finishes on Friday night. But they too had a few moments getting DOWN the hills with some interesting sideways driving.

Steve Reid and Alex Gordons big 100 Series Landcruiser made it to the top of the first winch wall in Stage 7 with ease and he chose wisely to back down the exit hill safely connected to the winch.

But for Jason Christianson, manoeuvring the GQ Patrol at the top of the same winch hill all went pear shaped and the Patrol rolled to the bottom of the hill, taking the trees, bunting and barber poles with him along the way.

Darius Crick and Luke Rourke in the 80 series Toyota has had a bit of a shocker of a weekend so far, recording a bunch of DNF’s, but still showed good form when things were going well.

But it was Phil Bell and Ian Hughes who were setting the pace, they’ve won 4 of the 8 stages so far and look to be the team to beat with their consistent and fast approach to the stages.

There are two more stages for Sunday, so stay tuned for our highlights video.

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