Watch: Rolls Royce attempts Nurburgring hotlap

This must be the most elegant a Nurburgring lap can be, and the least elegant a Rolls Royce can be

When thinking of Rolls Royce, most of our minds will shoot to roads flanked by the sea on one side and mountains on the other in the south of France. These luxurious road-going boats are usually surrounded by money and extravagance.

The one place no one would ever dream of seeing a car of such splendour is a racetrack, more notably the Nurburgring. However, that is exactly where, in 2006, ‘Practical and Performance Car Magazine’ took a 1970s Rolls Royce.

Although there’s a lot of tyre screech and engine noise coming from the car, one wouldn’t exactly call this a hot lap. From the onboard footage, the car is seemingly dangerously close to rolling due to the soft suspension which can’t be a confidence boosting feature for the driver. Despite the speed, or lack of it, the car manages to overtake quite a few cars including a Porsche.

This must be one of the least suitable cars for the Green Hell, but I’m sure there are others out there. Let me know if there are any cars you can think of in the comments.

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