Watch Shinyodd create a F1 car on Twitch

It's simply hideous and I recommend you don't watch it without the support of your psychiatrist.

Shinyodd is no stranger to making abominations for the pleasure of his audience. He has dabbled in the art of making a COVID-19 survival car, a sports car, and his own version of the Cybertruck, which unsurprisingly was about as hideous as Katie Hopkins.

Now, the Northern Irish car design guru has decided to keep filling up his library of horrendous creations by making a Formula 1 car with six wheels, coloured in pink and featuring a logo of a totally family-friendly website.

With the support of 800 people, Shinyodd did a livestream on Twitch where he created something that can only be described as a torture device, because just looking at it would make anyone feel sick. After finishing the Ecobooster (yes, that's the name of the car), Shinyodd did race with his Russian friend Tievsky on a map.

The latter had also made an F1 car, although I say that with a lot of doubt in my mind, because his abomination had wings on it.

You can watch the full video below, although I do advise you prepare yourself mentally for this, because by the end you will either be on the floor laughing yourself to death, or already dead from shock.

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