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Watch: Someone transformed this wrecked Mercedes S-Class into a rally machine

M​ad Max worthy?

7w ago

There are legendary races like the 24 hours of LeMans and the Gumball 3000. And then come the affordable spin-off races like the 24 hours of Lemons and the Gambler 500, which follow similar racing guidelines while allowing the commoner to participate without having to spend a ton of cash on cars. As the nominal cost implies the involvement of knock-off vehicles of all sorts, the latest one grabbing attention on social media is this S-Class offroader.

Popular Youtube channel Hoonigan Autofocus managed to spot a '82 Mercedes S Class, modified to go off-roading. The owner, Bryce Ronsonet, claims less than $1000 were spent on acquiring as well as modifying the car into the Mad Max vehicle it now appears to be.

The list of modifications is anything but extensive. The S Class gets new headlights as the original was missing. A custom bumper up front, along with a roof rack on top was added, and that's about it. It was kept that way as the Gambler 500 race requires participants to buy a cheap knock-off car, modify it for off-roading and enjoy driving. Though spending more than $500 is not encouraged.

Obviously, you have to be blind to miss out on those massive wheels. Bryce claims the car originally came with huge paddle tires, but he replaced it for these slightly smaller "Facebook-special" rubber he found for 50 bucks.

Bryce mentions that the car wasn't in the best of shape when he bought it. The front end was extensively damaged, so he had to straighten it out and slice out the wheel walls to accommodate those wheels. Plus, even though he has Bilstein decals on his car, the suspension remains stock with spaced out coils. Even the engine, which in stock condition was a five-cylinder turbo-diesel unit, has been retained, and Bryce estimates it to put out close to 130hp.

It took him just a week to get this working, and Bryce further reduces his initial estimate of $1000 to $800 for the car to be Gambler 500 race-ready. If you thought you needed money to go racing, Bryce utters, "(you)definitely don't need money to have fun".

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Comments (7)

  • I would love to take a Miata rally car, but I want to build an S-class like this but with an unlimited budget so I can go bat shit crazy!!! Long travel suspension, Ford 9 inch rear end, New AMG V8, straight pipe exhaust, keep the interior luxurious because that would be funny😂😂😂, leave the exterior looking ratty but with big mud tires

      1 month ago
    • That's an ambitious plan! Though you can also look at the 6.0-litre V12 from the SL65 AMG Black series. That'll make a nice sound.

        1 month ago
    • Yes, but I decided to go with the V8 to keep weight down

        1 month ago
  • Mercedes Sand-Class 😂

      1 month ago
  • Maybe the Mitsubishi Eclipse or the Toyota Celica

      1 month ago
  • I’d make an ND MX-5 an off-roader, I’d AWD swap it, I’d put Ford ranger raptor tyres on it, 370z V6 swap it, give it a proper roll cage, lift it obviously with ranger raptor suspension and shocks and give it 3 locking diffs (front, centre, rear)

      1 month ago