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Watch Someone Turn a Fridge Compressor Into a Four-Stroke Engine

...and fall into the rabbit hole of videos about people turning junk into beauty

4w ago

Filipino YouTuber Let's Learn Something (aka Jomari) just did something a little incredible to me: he turned an old compressor from a refrigerator into a working 4-stroke engine.

The timelapse of this carbureted build features much angle grinding, clever scrap-heap engineering, and even a custom-welded cam. Best part? The final result legitimately works. It's a miracle to watch unfold relative to the jankiness of the process, and makes for mesmerizing viewing overall.

But that's not all that he's done.

This channel has gained a fair bit of notoriety lately for projects like this, which is actually the 29th in a series of conversions from one sort of motor to another. Here's one where he turns another compressor into an engine:

Here's another where he goes from four strokes to two (nice):

And finally, a V-twin compressor to V-twin engine, which begs the question: can he do a miniature Porsche 919 engine?

I may have also just given you a gateway drug into a truly mad world of refurbished stuff, so if you're into this, come along for the ride.

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Comments (5)

  • I have nothing but respect for Philippine resourcefulness, when a skilled worker gets paid 15,000 PHP a month and no work no pay they really are adept at keeping things going Just look at the ingenuity going into Jeepney to keep them earning, i spent 4 hours watching a Habal Habal owner drop strip and replace a welded and file rounded journaled crank shaft on the street outside a 7-11 in Marikina on his Kawa 250. I build engines in a state of art environment, but could not believe this guy, all with tools from his carefully selected on bike tool box. Rolling around the area with enough tools and parts to deal with anything is a necessity to keep your family feed. I bought him some cola while he worked and was in awe of his gratitude, when he finished i gave him the equivalent of £50.00 as a token of my respect and admiration, the guy was so lost for words all he could do was shed a tear.

      29 days ago
  • I’m assuming this is a lockdown thing hahaha. Waaaayyyy too much time on his hands

      1 month ago
    • He's from the Philippines, same as me, so it makes sense for him to make stuff like this to get by (foreign currency exchange is pretty competitive here). ESPECIALLY when the government is pretty bloody useless when it comes to dealing with...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • amazing content.

      29 days ago
  • He’s pretty inventive that guy

      29 days ago