Watch steel and alloy wheels get crushed by a 150-ton hydraulic press

7w ago


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Need something to brighten up your day? I've got just the thing. There is a YouTube channel called Hydraulic Press Channel which is entirely devoted to crushing things under dozens of tons of pressure. What could possibly be more delightful than that? Items that have previously been subjected to the brutal treatment include a Nokia brick, a Ken doll, some playdough and even a meme.

The latest video sees steel and alloy wheels go under the press. The apparent purpose of the exercise is to compare which wheel holds up better under the pressure - steel or alloy. In reality, though, it's mostly about the inexplicable joy of seeing the metal rims bend and snap under the immense force of the press.

So, hit play, sit back and enjoy. Let the engineer's soothing eastern European accent wash over you as you relish in the wonder of watching things get crushed.

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Comments (7)
  • Eastern European? He is from Finland!

    1 month ago
  • I love these tests. Not sure if it achieves anything other than cool explosions but keep crushing stuff.

    1 month ago


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