Watch: Stock Lamborghini Huracan versus tuned Audi R8 track battle

This video is a great showcase of turbocharged performance. But who will win?

27w ago


Alongside developing one of the fastest hypercars around, the Venom F5, Hennessey is known for producing ridiculous tunes for supercars. One of its latest creations is a twin-turbo Audi R8 that bumps power up by a massive 300hp. To showcase just what the modifications do, the company’s media team decided to put the tuned Audi up against its cousin, the Huracan.

In this video, the Huracan may be stock meaning it hasn’t received any upgrades whatsoever. However, with a more direct torque delivery of the naturally aspirated engine it’s still all to play for as the two V10 monsters take to the track.


From the first short blast, you can see how the power comes on with the two motor designs. The turbochargers on the Audi need a bit of time to spool up before producing the power they can offer when working at their peak. During that short space of time, the Lamborghini manages to get a short lead. However, with the additional 300hp now at its disposal, the R8 simply rockets past the Green Spyder.

Although the Audi is clearly the faster car, I would choose the Lamborghini all day long for a hoon. At 612hp, the stock Audi is already almost too fast for most drivers. Now at over 900hp, I think controlling it would be too nerve-raking of an experience to enjoy. Furthermore, there’s no beating to soulful scream of a naturally aspirated V10.

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  • Nice 50/50 Poll there

      6 months ago
  • Turbo spool on a v10 doesnt sound nice

      6 months ago


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