- Glenn Inkster in the EVO Lancer on the incredible Kiwi roads

WATCH: Targa NZ 25th Anniversary into Day 3

The 25th Anniversary edition of Targa New Zealand is underway and as usual, boasts a great lineup of modern, classic and altogether awesome cars. This is an event that travels the length and breadth of NZ's North Island and covers some of the most scenic, technical and challenging roads in the world.

The main Targa event is for competition cars and requires the usual safety features such as a roll cage, but there's also a tour event that runs over the same spectacular roads and therefore the event attracts all manner of horsepower, from a tiny 1964 Fiat Arbath through to full on road going Supercars.

Black Magic Media are producing three feature videos per day on location at the event, so head over to YouTube or Facebook to check out the full video collection.

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