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Watch ten ultra-rare Mercedes launched 0-60

Ten rare stars

38w ago

Trying out cars produced in small series is clearly a privilege that is not within everyone's reach. However, Carwow was the first to test ten ultra-rare Mercedes. And the word rare seems light, because in the package you will find exclusive collector cars and even a concept car!

Obviously, given the exceptional status of certain vehicles, it was out of the question to test the ten cars over several tens of miles. The priority remains the conservation of the ten specimens in their original state. As a result, Mercedes lent the cars to Carwow the time to do some 0-60 tests.

We still have some marvels in the lot. We note for example the splendid 300SL from the 1950s. In spite of its great age, the sports car still shows very honorable performances. We also note the unusual C111 produced in only 16 examples with different engines.

The model tested by Carwow is the only one of the entire production equipped with a V8. Among the other gems in this selection, we can also set our sights on the massive 600 Pullman used by the heads of state. Another oddity is the G-Class 4X4² which is none other than a G-Class 6X6 with one axle less.

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  • Great to watch, the hammer couldn’t have been that slow but love that 300SL Gullwing!

      8 months ago