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Watch the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition in action in this sick promo

Looks even better than the pictures.

2w ago

Here's a treat for Ford fanboys and motorsports geeks alike. Ford dropped a live-action promo of the latest Heritage Edition of their Ford GT supercar earlier this week and, as expected, it looks (and sounds) like one hell of a track weapon. Nearly a year after the car's announcement, we finally get to see a live one stretch its legs.

Ford has this charming tradition of annually launching a new Heritage Edition GT to honor the legacy of the original GT40. In keeping with tradition, the 2021 model honors their '66 win at Daytona with a modern take on Ken Mile's #98 race livery. It seems Ford decided there's no better way to honor the late Motorsports Hall of Famer than to have his own son, Peter Miles, and current Ford hot shoe, Joey Hand, debut the car on the very grounds its ancestor claimed its storied victory.

I'm not one to care much for manufacturer promos, but this honestly deserves a quick watch. Ford seems pretty bang on when it comes to embracing the future while never forgetting its past.

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Comments (8)

  • ken miles would be proud

      13 days ago
    • Ken Miles would be angry to see a V-6 in that car

        13 days ago
    • Miles was an engineer as much as he was a racer. He would have liked whatever was the best technical solution to make the car the fastest on the track.

        13 days ago
  • Looks beautiful

      13 days ago
  • Wow - USA cranking out some beauties. I think GM has Ford beat on the price to own side of the house, but regardless, can't wait to see Ford vs. GM in future endurance races. The manufacturers on the side of the pond should be a bit nervous.

      12 days ago
    • Objectively speaking, the GT isn’t any faster than it’s less expensive rivals. I’m fact, in one instance, it got its lap record at an American track taken by a Corvette. But it’s that rawness of feeling like a racing homologation special,...

      Read more
        12 days ago