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Watch the Bugatti Chiron blast up to its 261mph top speed

And by the looks of this, it's got quite a bit more left to give...

2y ago

Despite the world yearning for Bugatti to derestrict the Chiron and show us all what it can really do, Bugatti is persistent in their claims that the requisite tyre technology for a top speed attack doesn’t currently exist. But beyond the conjecture surrounding the car’s true potential, we’ve yet to actually see it reach its limited top speed of 261mph. Thanks to the below video, that’s no longer the case.

With the car’s top speed mode engaged, the driver eases it up to 100mph before unleashing the full force of hell in the form of 1500 satanic horsepower. Just 4.6 seconds after flooring it, he’s doing 150mph; another 6 seconds after this, he’s travelling at 200mph!

The relentless onslaught of brutal acceleration only seems to slow in the upper echelons, with 261mph arriving momentarily before the need to brake arrises. All in all, the whole ordeal required just 2.7 miles of road - which is especially impressive given the slow start. It also begs the question of just how fast the Chiron could go derestricted on Volkswagen’s 5.5 mile track.

Given how Volkswagen tend to wait for the perfect conditions to manifest before sending a Bugatti to its top speed, I estimate that an unlimited Chiron could achieve 275-280mph. I’d be surprised if it could push beyond that though.

But what do you think guys? Having seen the video, and the manner in which it travels up to 261mph, how much more do you think it’s got to give? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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