Watch the Ford Mustang Bullitt take on the Isle of a Man Mountain Road

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2y ago

Isle of a Man and its famous mountain road is best known for its ferocious TT bike races, only in recent times, Subaru brought it to the attention of 4-wheeled enthusiasts. But back to Ford, over the past year or so it's been sending UK motoring journalist Steve Sutcliffe around Europe with one goal: -explore the continents finest roads in Fords go-fast models from Fiesta ST to the wild GT.

Think of him as a bit of British Ken Block only with less smoke and madness and more oprotunity to reflect and to calmly appreciative the eye candy of beautiful roads and some of Fords finer designs. This time around Steve takes the gorgeous Mustang Bullitt special edition to the Isle of Man 37 mile mountain course and focused on the famous mountain road.

It's real eye and ear candy/

The Bullitt special edition pays homage to the 1968 film 'Bullitt' starring Steve McQueen and the now legendary dark green Ford Mustang. The special edition wears Dark Highland Green paint, special 19 inch alloy wheels, on the inside it gets Recaro seats with green stitching and special equipment pack.

Under the bonnet the 5.0 V8 got a power boost from 444hp to 458hp for the European spec car.

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