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Watch the Kia K5 doing an impressive stunt!

Don't try this at home

32w ago

When a show brings together millions of viewers in the United States, every move is allowed to impress the audience during the advertising section. Without having the same reach as the Super Bowl, the International Emmy Awards already attracts enough viewers to build a solid base of potential customers.

So Kia didn't hesitate to make the show to promote its new sedan, the K5. Indeed, the car took an astonishing stunt. The vehicle comes at full speed on a wide ramp before skidding sideways. The objective was to perform a 360° in mid-air, a stunt that is quite ordinary in action films.

Except that here, the car in question is not a sporty coupe, it's a family sedan that's much less suited to this kind of stunt. However, with the right modifications, the K5 will pull off the stunt without a hitch. To do so, Kia has equipped the sedan with a specific handbrake.

Of course, the undercarriage has been reinforced to limit damage during landing. The pilot is seated in a containment seat equipped with 5-point harness and the car has also been fitted with a roll cage. Finally, the airbags have been deactivated. Although this demonstrates the vehicle's capabilities, it is hard to imagine future K5 owners reproducing the feat.

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Comments (9)

  • I like stunts.

    What is the difference between a magicians wand and a policeman's truncheon?

    One is for cunning stunts, the other is for stunning cunts.

      7 months ago
  • I wonder if the suspension survived the jump, especially the front right corner

      7 months ago
  • I wonder if it’s modded🤔

      7 months ago
  • I wonder how many k5 owners are going to think that their standard k5's can perform this stunt?🤔

      7 months ago
  • THAT is next level.

      7 months ago