Watch the LFA celebrate its 10th birthday by blowing out some candles

It turns out the LFA can do more than smash Nurburgring records...

6w ago

The Lexus LFA will go down in history as one of the best-sounding supercars ever produced in the 21st Century, not to mention its impressive performance statistics and one-time Nurburgring record.

Well, the LFA is 10 years old this year, having entered (very) limited production during 2010. While the LFA is significantly different from anything else Lexus has built, it is proof that when you give engineers free rein on a project (in this case Harahiko Tanashi) the results can be simply sublime.

With only 500 examples of the LFA produced, it featured a lightweight CFRP construction, and the all-important naturally-aspirated 4.8l V10, which gave the LFA its signature wailing noise. Capable of hitting 202mph and dispatching 0-62 in 3.7s, the V10 put down 560hp through the rear wheels, via a six-speed sequential gearbox - absolute madness.

A more track focused version, named the LFA Nurburgring Edition, followed, and it offered a stiffer suspension, aerodynamic enhancements, lighter alloy wheels and a total output of 570 HP. It was limited to 50 units and set a lap record for production cars on the Nordschleife in 2011 with Akira Ida behind the wheel.

The standard LFA was followed by a run of 50 'Nurburgring Edition' cars, which were essentially a more 'hardcore' version of the LFA, complete with stiffer suspension, lighter alloy wheels, aerodynamic changes and a power increase to 570hp.

Sadly, it is unlikely we'll ever see a car like the LFA ever again due to stringent environmental restrictions, but that just makes the LFA even more special.

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  • The tri exhaust makes it all better

      1 month ago
  • the sound is so good.

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