Watch: The magic of the '90s Japanese super battle

Peter Smith posted in Jdm

41w ago


Growing up in the UK in the '90s, the only access we really had to cars was Top Gear, maybe a little bit of Rally on Channel 4. There was no internet to get your quick car fix. Top Gear was only on once a week, so the rest of the week was spent watching a Clarkson VHS or something.

Shoot over to Japan and they were having the time of their lives. Whilst I was playing Gran Turismo, little did I know that the real thing was happening the other side of the world.

Their '90s TV show consisted of the world's best cars racing each other around your favourite Japanese circuits. I'm not talking about race-prepped cars, I'm talking about actual road cars.

In this particular video, they have a Ferrari F40 vs a Ruf CTR vs an NSX and a handful of Supras. Absolute madness. The drivers don't hold back either!

The track is called Tsukuba which, until recently, I thought was a fictional track from the Gran Turismo series!

Have a watch of the video below (don't blame me if you go down a SUPER BATTLE rabbit-hole):

Had you heard of the SUPER BATTLE series before?

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