Watch the new Ride 3 night racing gameplay video

1y ago


For those who missed Gamescom 2018, you can now witness the latest gameplay trailer for Milestone's forthcoming motorbike extravaganza, Ride 3.

The latest Ride 3 trailer is a mere 40 seconds long for some reason, but in that time you get to see the game's dark side. Literally, actually, because it features night racing in Macau.

Macau is known by some people as the 'Vegas of China', which explains all the garish neon lighting that is blurred by the superbike with impressive ease. Although the trailer is said to be of a preview build, the quality of the visuals bode well for the final product.

You also get to see the somewhat aggressive AI trying to take the inside line on a corner, but not so aggressive they take the player out, which seems to be an issue for a lot of bike racers (and quite a few car ones, actually).

Ride 3 will feature 30 tracks and around 230 motorbikes, making it the closest thing to Gran Turismo for two-wheelers. 70 of those bikes have actually never featured in a game before. As previously revealed, Ducati will heavily feature.

Another recent video from Milestone Team shows the making of the Strada della Forra, near Garda Lake in Italy, which features tall cliffs instead of tall skyscrapers.

Ride 3 pre-orders will be rewarded with one free DLC pack, which includes four motorbikes. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One when the 8th of November, 2018, release date arrives.

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