- This car holds multiple world records! - Image and video from Snipereye64

Watch The Record Breaking Koenigsegg Start Up!

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The owner of this video couldn't quite believe his eyes when he spotted this Koenigsegg Agera RS filling at the fuel station he was passing. Naturally, any petrolhead would've stopped to take a few pictures.

The car had just stole the show at the Sunset Grand Turismo LA show earlier that morning. Most of the other cars at the show had been trailered home, but the owner of this Koenigsegg decided to drive his car home himself.

Koenigsegg borrowed this very car last month to break numerous records. It beat the Bugatti Chrion's top speed record, averaging 277.9MPH, as well as smashing Bugatti's 0-400KMH-0 record, achieving 33.29 seconds. The 5.0L, twin-turbo V8 engine in the RS produces 1,160BHP, giving the car a power to weight ratio of 1BHP:1.19KG!

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  • Veyron's top speed record, not Chiron's and it has 1340HP and aprox. 1390kg kerb weight as far as i know :D

    11 months ago
  • Typical petrol head!!!! To hell with the dangers of using your phone in a petrol station 😉

    1 year ago
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