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Watch the shocking moment a biker headbutts and kills a seagull in the MotoGP

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Biker headbutts and kills a seagull during MotoGP:

Italian motorcyclist Andrea Iannone is shown in the video above inadvertently headbutting and killing a seagull as he races around the Australian MotoGP track.

When watching the slow-motion replay, you can see the rider duck as he approaches the panicked bird in an attempt to avoid hitting it.

The 30-year-old Ducati rider left a trail of feathers in his wake, through which his competitors were forced to ride. None of that stopped him finishing the race in third place.

"The seagull waited for the kiss," he said after the race. "It was difficult but it was better for him to fly up before I arrive because if he didn’t it would keep him near the front tyre.”

The incident took place at the Phillip Island MotoGP in 2015.

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