Watch: The Volvo 400 Series Story

4w ago

The Volvo 400 series is one of the oddities in Volvo's history. Normally known for making boxy, sensible family cars, the 400 series was a bit of a departure from that. These were sleeker mid-sized cars, intended to bring a younger audience into the brand, and were the first front wheel drive and transverse-engined Volvos too. The sleekness is especially apparent in the Coupe, which is the most quirky and striking of all the 400 series models. They weren't exactly unpopular, either; I remember seeing many of these on the road back when I was a kid in middle-class suburban London! This video by Big Car talks about the story of how the 400 series came to be and, like many of his videos, it's a very interesting story!

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Comments (2)

  • I love Big Car’s content. He’s a fantastic youtuber. He also has a channel called Little Car

      29 days ago
  • Should point out that Peter Horbury who is interviewed in this video wasn't actually the full designer for the 480, he just finalised it. John de Vries actually did the shape and styling

      1 month ago