Watch the world's first twin-turbo C8 Corvette make 643 HP on a Dyno

10w ago


Deliveries of the first batch of new C8 Corvettes started last week, and it hasn't taken long at all for the Corvette community to do some pretty crazy stuff with their new cars.

W​e've already seen countless drag-strip runs, burnouts, doughnuts, and even a nitrous kit.

H​owever, not to be outdone Hennessey Performance have already managed to stick a twin-turbo kit onto their brand new C8!


Hennessey's car is a Z51-equipped C8 which pushes out a 'measly' 495 horsepower in stock form, however, after doing a high-speed test at 182 mph, Hennessey went to work slapping a twin-turbo kit onto the mid-mounted V8.

T​he resulting car pushes out an alleged 1,200 horsepower! However, Hennessey have yet to comment on when that version will be available for the general public.

F​or the time being they will be offering a 'lesser' twin-turbo kit which will boost the C8's power to 643 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels, an increase of 148 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque over the stock crank horsepower.


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Comments (2)

  • It's not a corvette and never will be. The corvette is a FR layout sports car. You can call this the C8 if you like, but a corvette it is not.

      2 months ago
    • You do realize that the idea of a mid engine Corvette is almost as old as the Corvette itself?

        2 months ago