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Watch this 2000hp Audi R8 cover the quarter mile quicker than it took you to read this headline

This bright yellow R8 is the fastest in the world down the quarter mile, breaking well into the seven-second bracket.

1y ago

It's not exactly news by this point that the Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8 are both cars that take well to modification, with the 5.2-litre V10 they feature known to be able to produce some serious power with the help of turbocharging.

However, while bolting a twin-turbo kit to your Huracan or R8 for a bit of fun on the street or a track day is one thing, making one as fast in a straight line as the mental R8 you see here is another entirely.

Built by Underground Racing, a company known for pushing the V10 twins to the limit, this customer-owned R8 can now claim to be the fastest in the world, having set a staggering 7.6 second quarter mile record at a speed of 196mph which you marvel at it doing in the video below.

Fitted with the company's 'X Version' upgrade package – which includes a custom twin-turbo setup using Precision Turbos, a stronger Proline Racing long block, a billet CNC intake manifold, a billet seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, billet input and output shafts, and beefier billet differential internals – to help it produce and handle more than 2000hp.

Despite all these upgrades, however, one could claim that the car is, in fact, still road-legal. Yes, it might be making a truly insane amount of power and wearing drag radial tyres in the video above, but it's still actually a complete R8 with a full interior and no weight reduction measures at all. Worth pointing out is the lack of weight reduction here means there's certainly still some time left on the table to go even faster in an R8 – potentially even in the six-second bracket.

It's unclear how much this sort of upgrade package would cost, but given the company's lesser 'Stage 3 Plus' upgrade pack costs a whopping $175,000 it's safe to say that it wouldn't be cheap. Truthfully claiming that you own the fastest Audi R8 in the world though? One could argue that's almost priceless.

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  • Proof that pistons still reign supreme! Beat that you tree hugging bastards!!

      1 year ago
    • Although I drive an old gas powered car, I don't see the point in all of the hate. Hate the laws forcing people to go electric but no need for all the hate

        1 year ago
    • Because it starts shit and the comments are more enjoyable to skim through lol. Also, I’m doing my part in making sure my son has the same luxury of wrenching away at a 302 or a 350 when he’s older. Not plugging in a usb stick to check how many...

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        1 year ago
  • Jokes on you, I can't read.

      1 year ago
  • AMAZING! 7.6 in an R8?! Those gear charges are insane.

      1 year ago
  • considering how long this headline is, we can read it at the same time the r8 finishes the quarter mile

    great post btw

      1 year ago
  • And....Internal combustion wins again ♥️♥️

      1 year ago